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Plant Planters........  Planting Your Future.


Micro Propagation Lab

Mass Contract Planting

Drill Bits for Planting


Plant Planters take the worry out of your work.

Leaving you time to find new projects.

Save Time & Money!!

  • Do you have staff standing around?
  • Are you having trouble finding work for them?
  • Do they simply not turn up?
  • Do you have loss of equipment, machinery breakdown and mistakes made?

Let Plant Planters do your planting and we will turn up, we won’t be late and we’ll do a good job. Your costing on planting will stay at the same price you had allowed when tendering, so there will be no surprises and at a good price for plant setting out rates makes it even easier. From small cells, such as Viro-cells, tubes and up to 200 litre pots we do it all. We also do jute drilling and turf laying. We have all the necessary insurance cover required.

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Plant Planters Pty Ltd
817 Castlereagh Road
Castlereagh NSW 2749

Phone: +612 4776 1711
Facsimile: +612 4776 1311

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